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Mixing science and art to make joyful creations

Meet The Dragonfly Artist - Rebecca Ronesi
Painting with a loving heart brings extra joy to the collector

The dragonfly has great meaning. My grandfather, of Native American lineage of the Iroquois Seneca Nation, always spoke of nature and how we should respect every being and listen, watch, and protect our precious earth.

One lesson always stuck with me. He taught me about the dragonfly and how it is a great sign of maturity, enlightenment, change, wisdom, good luck, and prosperity. He taught me that it is a sure symbol that the spirit of an angel was always near, and how it was always on a mission to bring its visitor a needed message - one of hope and goodness.

Those talks with my grandfather were always special, and the dragonfly lesson always gives me peace knowing a dragonfly is so cherished around the world. After three decades of sharing my dragonfly art with the world, I know this was always what I was meant to do.

Through dragonfly art in Charlotte, NC, I can provide that same hope and goodness to collectors' lives. A dragonfly's journey is full of life, responsibility, and dedication to the feelings of others. The countless stories shared with me about dragonfly visits and the memories of a loved one's past have touched my soul in ways I can never express.

The dedication of art to new beginnings, birthdays, anniversaries, and special events is magical. I am beyond blessed to be able to share my passion and am grateful every day I get to touch a life with my work.


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